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The aircap is made of white polymer and slides completely off the whistle for easy cleaning. This whistle contains no wood or metal. The Mountain Made Low F is nineteen inches long and has Easy Reach fingering. Easy Reach from pointer finger on right hand to ring finger is 2.5 overall Tempus fugit, a beautiful waltz composed by Erwan Menguy, played on a MK Kelpie Low F Whistle De low whistle is gemaakt van ABS, een stevig materiaal met goede klank-eigenschappen. De Tony Dixon low whistle is een met de hand afgewerkte low whistle, gemaakt door Tony Dixon. Stembare uitvoering. Deze low D whistle / fluit van Tony Dixon kun je als whistle en als fluit bespelen De eerste video is de Low G, de tweede video is de Low F.De whistle is gemaakt in Rusland, door de gepassioneerde fluitmakers van HarmonyFlute. Deze low whistle is stembaar, bij de koperen ring kun je het mondstuk naar binnen en naar buiten draaien Playing 'The Coolin' in the Spirit Forest, Vancouver, BC. Debut Album: https://bit.ly/2PthnHA Digital Download: https://amzn.to/2NhmflA Please comment, share..

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The Low Whistle is fun and easy to play. It can be played by professional players as well as beginners, and is perfectly tuned, and has a beautiful sound. The body of the whistle is constructed from PVC making it lightweight yet durable which comes in 2 different colors black and white Yes, a low F is particularly useful if you need to play along with singers, in F, in Bb, and also in C using the A fingering that you would on a D whistle. It also has a very satisfying mellow tone, but more projection than a Low D or C would have, without the more extreme finger-stretching exercises

F whistle is more often found as a low whistle, but sometimes it is available as a high whistle too. Special fingering can be used for the note D#/Eb which provides a possibility to play Bb scale . F sharp (F#) whistle char There was an F low, but, as far as i know he has two models of Low Fs - narrow and wide bore. The wide being made just from the same tubing as his low E, Eb, D and Cs. This model is very interesting but it is definitely not loud, so it isn't a session whistle, it has wide fat sound, beautiful but somewhat fluffy due to wide bore and quite a wide windway Irish Whistle Ranges. Generally whistles are divided into three categories: Soprano Whistles - Bb up to High G; Alto Whistles - Low F to Low A; Low Whistles or Tenor Whistles - Low C to Low E; Alto and tenor/low whistles are particularly popular when accompanying singers. Materials used in Irish whistles: Tin whistles can be made from various materials The Kerrywhistles official site for Low Whistles designed by Phil Hardy. From beginners to professionals, the range of instruments from Kerrywhistles have found their way into the hearts of players world wide The mid range whistles like the low F, low G, and low A Irish whistles are some of the most fun to play as they don't require the stretch that the low D and low C models do, and they have a very sweet lower tone than high whistles

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  1. um Whistles. Regular price $94.99. Busman Wooden Irish Whistles. Regular price $300.00. Generation Nickel C w/Pouch. Regular price $19.99 Sold out. Kery Optima Low D (Fixed Pitch) Regular price $49.99. Morneaux Maple & Brass Low D
  2. ium alloy and are based on the Original Low Whistle Design, by Bernard Overton. From 1993 until August 2009, I marked the instruments I made 'Overton'. Since then I have used my own name, so they now are marked 'Goldie'
  3. Tuneable Polymer Low D Whistle (TB012) by Tony Dixon Tony Dixon DX021 Tuneable Low Whistle. Tenor/Low Whistle with a polymer body and ABS head. Key: D. Come and test this whistle out! We are located in Baldoyle Industrial Estate in..
  4. Susato Kildare 2-part tunable Low Whistle (Low D, F, G) Low G. 1.0 out of 5 stars 1. £99.95.

MK Kelpie - Low F Whistle Contact us for ALL NON UK shipping Playability balanced towards beginners and intermediate players - making the the instrument more 'accessible Curved and chamfered airway stops blocking Solid 'take anywhere' one-piece construction Same craftsmanship as on all MK Whistles Tapered airway creates the right balance of back pressure and air requirement Anodised finish for. Buy professional Low Whistles online. Ships in UK and globally. Over 20 years of making finely crafted Low D, E, F, G, Ab and Low A tin whistles. Shop now Susato Low Whistles with Keys! As you've probably seen mentioned many places at our website, the Low Whistle can be very intimidating, due to its large size. Susato has addressed this problem by adding the option of keys to their Low Whistles. Keys can be added to.

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An excellent expansion of your pennywhistle arsenal for live music and recording, the Low F is the highest low whistle key we make. It is a powerful, large-bore instrument that offers a wide dynamics spectrum, high volume and full timbre across the two octaves, which makes it a great choice for slower melodies or song accompaniment.When compared to our most popular Low D, it requires slightly. TWZ Low Whistles in Low C, D, F und G Stimmung. Jetzt ganz neu: TWZ Low Whistles in Low C, Low D, Low F und Low G Stimmung Unsere Neuentwicklung.. Each whistle is hand made in the Highlands by me. Alba Whistles is not a large company just me! All our whistles are made tuneable now. Alba whistles are available in a range of keys from a soprano D down to the bass A whistle, with its haunting and ethereal tone Whizzy Whistle; Alba Whistles - often copied but never equalled All the Whistles are made by Me and each one is made to my best abilit The low whistle requires more precise breath control than the tin whistle. You are filling a larger column of air compared to the tin whistle, and the speed of air blown into the mouthpiece must be slower. Be seated straight up, and use your diaphragm muscles to control your breath

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The Susato Kildare low D whistle has many of those same characteristics. In fact, one of the great things about Susato's Kildare line is that you can buy a whistle in every key from high F to low C and get a remarkably consistent playing experience. The Kildare low D has a very strong lower octave, which can often be weak in low whistles The Low Whistle is a simple, easy to play, and inexpensive flute-like instrument used mainly in Irish Traditional music, and has been popularized by players like Finbarr Fury, Davy Spillane, and of course Riverdance. James Dominic Low Whistle in the Key of D-Best Seller

Low F: $75.00 *Low Eb: $85.00 *Low D: $90.00 *Low C: $100.00 *A key that is difficult for beginners to play and may require piper's grip. The Wait Each Sweetbrass whistle features the same head design you will be familiar with from my Custom Celtic Whistle line,. Low Whistles specialists Hobgoblin Music, established 1976. New and secondhand Low Whistle Store. , browse our Low Whistles range at Hobgoblin Music, online or in our UK stores in London, Leeds, Brighton, Birmingham, Bristol, Canterbury, Manchester and Wadebridge Vind fantastische aanbiedingen voor low d whistle. Winkel met vertrouwen

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Chieftain Thunderbird Alto Tuneable F Whistle. Price £178.00. Add to Cart. Chieftain Thunderbird Alto G Tuneable Whistle. Price £178.00. Add to Cart. Optima Replacement Headshell. Price £23.00. Add to Cart. Can U Handle This. Hardy-Adams-Murray / New CD. Price £9.00. Add to Cart. Revisited CD Phil Hardy. Price £11.50. Add to Cart. Low. Everything You Love On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Low Whistle F On eBay Low F whistle for smaller hands. Here you can see a custom-built low F whistle for shorter reach (top, standard body below). Hole 6 (R3) is a bit smaller, and closer to hole 5 (R2). Hole 3 (L3) and hole 6 (R3) are offset for easier reach for smaller hands De Susato 2-part low whistle is een low whistle die gemaakt is door George Kelischek in North-Carolina in de Verenigde Staten. Hij heeft een typische low-whistle klank. De low whistle is gemaakt van ABS, een stevig materiaal met goede klank-eigenschappen. Beschikbaar in toonsoort D, F en G. Wordt geleverd met de volgende accessoires Key F Tin Whistles/Low Whistles. Je hebt gezocht naar producten binnen categorie Tin Whistles/Low Whistles met stemming key f. Voor elk budget een goede whistle! U bent van harte welkom in de winkel om verschillende whistles uit te proberen. Tony Dixon, Chieftain/ Thunderbird, Susato, Colin Goldie, Shaw, Waltons en Clarke op voorraad

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A COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF FLUTES AND WHISTLES AVAILABLE FROM SOPRANO TO LOW D. SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES AND ABILITIES. SEE THE FULL RANGE. We make high quality, hand finished, whistles and flutes. Tony Dixon Music is a family run business that was founded in 1997 by Tony himself Dixon Low Whistle. Various Keys. Tunable or Nontunable . Please see the Dixon website to purchase your Dixon products. If you are located inside the US, you might try Hobgoblin/StoneyEnd; they also stock Dixon Products Dixon Whistles are made in the UK by Tony Dixon (also well known for his high quality flutes) Low F Whistle is an easy to play and authentic sounding Low F tuned Irish Tin Whistle / Pennywhistle!The note labels are based on a D whistle as per standard practice, generally for playing along with guitars or bouzoukis capoed up to the key of F.The sounds are based on per-note samples from my own whistle collection.Touch the notes on the whistle to play Shearwater Whistles. Please click picture to enter site. FInd us on Facebook too.. Key of F; Packaged in a protective pouch; Includes thumb rest and joint grease; Made in: USA L-series: Also known as Low Whistles these whistles have that wonderful low, haunting tone that everyone loves. Note that the Low Whistle takes quite a bit of practice, but the rewards are well worth the effort

MK Low Whistle - Low F. £238.80. VAT included £199.00 VAT excl. Low Whistle Colour. Satin Red; Satin Black; Satin Green; Silver; Quantit Shearwater Alto ' F' alloy low whistle - Irish - Celtic - handcrafted to order. £54.95. £6.95 postage. Click & Collect. Clip On Key For Low D Whistle. Makes Playing More Easy. £12.00. Free postage. TONY DIXON LOW D TAPERED BORE TENOR WHISTLE TB012D TUNABLE. £73.99. Free postage Description. Irish flute Low-whistle. Key: F major. Length: 48 cm. Material: rosewood, copper rings. Design features: tunable, according to the new manufacturin

The MK Kelpie Low F whistle- made from aluminium and anodised black. A single piece non-tunable whistle that is both economical and robust. Benefits from many of the features of the MK Pro - the airway is curved and tapered to give a good back pressure whilst also ensuring it doesn't clog up Low Whistle: Describes any 6 hole whistle pitched lower than A. Late 20th century instrument. We normally refer to whistles as low whistles if there is one available an octave higher. The G is the highest pitch commonly sold, so from G downwards we call the big o.. Silver Star Custom Aluminum Low F Irish Tin Whistle handcrafted by Nick Metcalf. AU $197.90. AU $26.85 postage. or Best Offer. Shearwater Low 'B flat' alloy whistle - Celtic - Irish - handmade to order. AU $168.13. AU $29.67 postage. Susato Kildare penny whistle, M series low G, tunable. AU $115.98 Low F is one of the eight simple low notes on an Eb whistle. It is made by covering the top five holes, leaving the bottom hole uncovered, and blowing softly into the mouthpiece. It is a little easier to play than E flat, owing to a bit more give with the breath control, and most whistle players can manage a clear Low F after some practice TWZ Low Whistles in Low C, D, F und G Stimmung. Jetzt ganz neu: TWZ Low Whistles in Low C, Low D, Low F und Low G Stimmung Unsere Neuentwicklung für unvergleichlichen Low Whistle Spaß TWZ Low Whistles bestechen durch ihre leichte Spielbarkeit über den gesamten Tonumfang. Auch in der zweiten Oktave sind diese Whistles sehr einfach zu spielen und zu kontrollieren

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Susato Pennywhistles Two models and 20 sizes/keys to choose from! Kildare (Click Here) Our most popular pennywhistles for session playing! All Kildare models have a curved windway and separate head and body sections. The bore is slightly tapered. We offer 20 sizes of Kildare model whistles from low -c'- to high -f-. Low whistles due partly to the success of river dance and the titanic theme tune, my heart will go on. There are now over 70 penny whistle makers worldwide! The high whistle has gone from being made by a handful of makers in the 1970s to over 60 today

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  1. Note the Susato Keys on low -C- to low -F#- whistles, the difference in playability is enormous! All Kildare two-piece models include a fingering chart, thumbrest, joint grease, and a vinyl pouch. Additonal Susato Keys can be mounted over ANY tone holes that are difficult to reach on any instrument of the -M-, -L-, or -LX- series Pennywhistles for an extra $25.00 per key
  2. Goldfinch Whistles are professional, hand-perfected tin whistles and low-whistles fit for advanced and amateur musicians alike. Made of durable, inexpensive, modern materials, their timbre, playing capabilities, precision of making, fine-tuning, durability and weather immunity challenge those of wood and metal and keep the prices on an affordable level
  3. Susato Kildate LOW F whistle tunable whistle celtic engraving + added key . $89.00. $9.99 shipping. Handmade whistle PVC whistle Low D tuned flute tunable. $50.00. Free shipping. 5 watching. Low TENOR Irish Whistle / Alu / Dante Music >>> DHL delivery . $275.00. Free shipping. Low D Whistle Irish Flute Recorder Handmade

(Burke Whistles) The fact that you can find inexpensive tin whistles for a couple of dollars doesn't mean that a true and well made one hasn't to be a precision item. Michael Burke has devoted his skills to hand craft instruments with clear tone, balanced and in tune in two octaves BESLIST.nl Vergelijk 1.132 muziekinstrumenten, accessoires & DJ benodigdheden Bestel o.a. cello's, drumstellen, metronomen, saxofoons, violen e.a. online low F # /F/E combo set - 270 GBP One head with three bodies for low F, low E and low F # using 20mm bore.. Improvisation on mandola, low E and A whistle < Low F Whistles | Up | Low E b Whistles > Het instrument wordt ook wel pennywhistle genoemd; fluitspelers in Ierland speelden vroeger op straat een liedje tegen betaling van een penny. Het is echter ook mogelijk dat de naam is ontstaan vanwege de lage aanschafprijs van het instrument. De grote broer van de tinwhistle is de low whistle.Deze is gewoonlijk een maatje groter

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Got the whistle yesterday--absolutely brilliant. Best whistle I've ever seen and I have some over 200 pounds. Thanks a mil, will order more soon. (soprano alloy C). Alloy F whistle: I KNOW I SENT YOU AN EMAIL EARLIER BUT I HAVE TO BE HONEST I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VOICE, IT'S TONE IS AMAZING. Thank Chieftain V3 Alto(low) F fixed pitch Irish Whistle In excellent. Like new condition. Includes original case. Retails new for £120(British Pounds Sterling) Or $193.00 Will only ship within the US. Payment expected within 3 days. Chieftain Irish Whistles -- complete set of 7 Howard Low D Whistle In Case - Various Colours Available Model: TW65900 NOW AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING COLOURS: - Red - Nickel - Gold (polished brass) The Original Brass Low Whistle Developed over 40 years by master craftsman Brian Howard, the Howard low whistle has benefitted from continuous design improvements more inf

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I had the standard recorder training in elementary school music classes, and decades later I thought maybe I could use this low F whistle in a song I was recording in my home studio. There are only 6 holes in tin whistles, but the bigger, deeper ones like this F whistle take a lot of wind, and they demand a great deal of breath control to sound right The Howard low whistle's distinctive haunting tone makes it perfect for airs. Requiring little breath, it's also ideal for jigs and reels. Moving easily and solidly between octaves, Howard whistles have dynamics, they can be played loudly or softly without significant changes in pitch Whistles / Low Whistles Low Whistle in F $ 360.00. The Carbony Low Whistle in F has a sleek tapered design with a thin wall Carbon fiber body. This design has been coupled with a tunable King machined anodized aluminum mouthpiece for tonal quality and product longevity The first Clarke Tinwhistle was invented in 1843. The creation of the tin whistle was inspired when Robert Clarke heard about the invention of tin plate and asked a blacksmith to help him to copy the design of his wooden whistle using this new material. To learn more about the history of the Clarke Tin Whistle click on the link below. Learn Mor

The second most common, a C whistle, can play in the keys of C and F major. The lowest note of a penny whistle, with all the fingers covered, is called the tonic - on a D whistle the tonic is D. Whistles are pitched in different keys and octaves. Low whistles, or concert whistles, are longer and wider and produce tones an octave (or in rare. Jetzt ganz neu: TWZ Low Whistles in Low C, Low D, Low E, Low F und Low G Stimmung . Unsere Neuentwicklung für unvergleichlichen Low Whistle Spaß . TWZ Low Whistles bestechen durch ihre leichte Spielbarkeit über den gesamten Tonumfang. Auch in der zweiten Oktave sind diese Whistles sehr einfach zu spielen und zu kontrollieren KW-L-FAT Whistle Low F, Karavaev Workshop Whistle has a deep and rich sound, good control and intonation. The fipple (mouthpiece) is made of high-quality ABS plastic that eliminates condensation during the play - the main problem of aluminum whistles. You do not need to warm up the whistle bef..

Qu'est ce que le Whistle irlandais (flûte irlandaise) Le whistle est un instrument à vent de la famille des flûtes composé simplement de 6 trous. On lui connaît également les noms suivants : penny whistle, flageolet, feadóg ou tout simplement flûte irlandaise. Les whistles se décomposent en tin whistles (soprano & mezzo-soprano) et en low whisltes (alto & tenor) All Celtic Whistles are tuned to Just temperament relative to 70°F (21°C). Those wishing to play in Equal temperament please use the contact form to clarify your preference. Reyburn Whistles has recently developed an aluminum alloy Low D for those who prefer a light weight instrument WHISTLES X L.F. MARKEY. L.F. Markey are an East-London based utility and modern basics brand known for their distinctive colour palette and hardworking denim pieces. We collaborated with them to create a tight edit of limited edition styles for the season ahead Shaw Low F Whistle. Shaw Low F Whistle. Shaw whistles are a sweet toned instrument, individually voiced to give maximum performance. The whistle is a tapered design, handmade in solid nickel silver sheet with a carved hardwood block, the lower keys having a metal lined wind way Low Whistle in F# $ 350.00. The Carbony Low Whistle in F# has a sleek tapered design with a thin wall Carbon fiber body. This design has been coupled with a tunable King machined anodized aluminum mouthpiece for tonal quality and product longevity

Whistle Lyrics: Can you blow my whistle, baby, whistle, baby? Let me know / Girl, I'm gonna show you how to do it and we start real slow / You just put your lips together and you come real clos Shearwater Alto ' F' alloy low whistle - Irish - Celtic | Musical Instruments & Gear, Wind & Woodwind, Folk & World | eBay Vertaling van: Flo rida - Whistle Kun je op mijn fluit blazen, fluit schat Laat me het weten Meid, ik zal je laten zien hoe je het moet doen En we beginnen heel langzaam Doe je lippen op elkaar en kom heel dicht bij Kun je op mijn fluit blazen, fluit schat Daar gaat-ie Ik wed, dat je van bebop houd Great deals on Low D Whistles. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items Goldie Whistle Low F Demo - Rosbeg. This vid is for demonstrate the sound of the Goldie Whistles, for who is interested. Very very great low whistle. Tune is Rosbeg, a Brian Finnegan air. Saved by Valerie Berry. Music Musica Music Books Musik Muziek Songs

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  1. A subreddit for players of the Tin Whistle, also known as a penny whistle. Low whistles also welcome! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. Vote. Low F Whistle and Electric Guitar. Video. Close. Vote. Posted by just now
  2. Een winkel voor alle fluitisten!Ben je een beginner of een ervaren fluitist?Wij hebben de fluit voor jou!Whistles, ocarina's, bamboefluiten & meer!Nieuw: Handgemaakte Wereldfluiten van HarmonyFlute!Native American fluiten van High Spirits:Authentieke Aziatische Fluiten:Stellar Flutes Native American Fluiten voor beginners:Nieuwe ocarina's van het merk STLVoor Europa's grootste aanbod aan.
  3. or modes, including Middle Eastern modes

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  2. Chieftain Thunderbird Whistle - Alto Low F Tuneable Whistle EIREMusic. From shop EIREMusic. 5 out of 5 stars (365) 365 reviews $ 253.88 FREE shipping Favorite Add to low whistle - train whistle - brass whistle 3 pcs raw Brass plating gold whistle.
  3. Les Whistles MK Pro se distinguent par leur sonorité exceptionnelle, la facilité de jeu et la qualité de leur facture. Il combinent ainsi des qualités optimales de jeu, de son et une exceptionnelle facture artisanale. Descriptif technique : Marque : MK Whistles; Tonalité : Low F (Ré grave) Ajustable : Oui; Consommation : Moyenn
  4. The Low G now matches the Low F, Low Eb & Low D WhistleSmith whistles to make a Tuxedo Black four whistle set. The Mountain Made Low G is 17.25″ long and has Easy Reach fingering from pointer finger on right hand to the ring finger of 2.5 overall
  5. MK Pro - Low F Whistle. MK Kelpie - Low D Whistle Next MK Pro - Low A Whistle Previous. In stock. SKU. MKPRO-LF. Be the first to review this product . As low as £ GBP226.80 £ GBP189.00. Qty. Add to Cart. First launched in 2003, the MK Pro has become a firm favourite with musicians around the world
  6. Dixon low f tuneable whistle - low priced low f whistle, made from 2 joints of plastic, black. Made by tony dixon woodwind - a really good range of british made plastic flutes and whistles Very poular whistles, designed and made in england Great mellow sound and great quality Two piece tuneable whistle › See more product detail
  7. The Susato 2-part tunable low whistle is manufactured in North-Carolina, USA. It has a beautiful traditional low whistle tone. The Susato low whistle comes in the key of D major and F major.. It comes with the following accessoires: - Protective leather ba

Custom Sewn Fabric Instrument Case for Your Low Whistle * Instrument not included; for display purposes only _____ Basic Features:_____ · Sized to fit one whistle · Cotton fabric case with fleece lining to protect against scratches and damage to the instrument · French seaming for Low Whistle ''G'' by Clover Whistles&Flutes published on 2014-10-03T04:06:54Z TIn Whistle de Embocadura Afinable e Intercambiable by Clover Whistles&Flutes published on 2014-09-14T18:22:48Z Tin Whistle D -001 by Clover Whistles&Flutes published on 2014-08-27T20:04:12Z. Users who like Low Whiste ''F'' Users who reposted Low Whiste ''F''

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The Low F is a single piece, non-tunable whistle that is both economical and robust. Benefits include many of the features of the MK Pro - the airway is curved and tapered to give a good back pressure whilst also ensuring it doesn't clog up Chieftain V3 Low F Tuneable - Alloy flageolet in two parts with tuning slide.<P>Made by Chieftain Whistles - The best and most popular alloy whistle on the market - a must have Set Contains: Chieftain V3 Low F Tuneable Alloy flageolet in two parts with tuning slide Chieftain low f whistle v3 - market leading alloy instrument with rounded mouthpiece. superb clear sound. Made by chieftain whistles - the best and most popular alloy whistle on the market - a must have The most popular alloy whistle Uk designed and made Rich full tone and volum Using a form of the Piper's Grip when playing the Low Whistle (especially the Low D whistle) isn't just a recommendation; it's pretty much a requirement! Unless you have very big hands, you won't be able to position your fingers the same way that you would on your Soprano D whistle! Put Finger #3 (your Ring Finger) down first, so that the first pad of this finger is covering the lowest finger hole on the whistle (the D hole) MK Pro Low F Whistle, Black. An aluminium two-piece whistle which is tunable to allow for fine-tuning due to temperature changes or to tune to other instruments. The instrument can also be separated to be stowed in a bag or case. The tuning slide is made of metal.

Jetzt ganz neu: TWZ Low Whistles in Low C, Low D, Low E, Low F und Low G Stimmung. Unsere Neuentwicklung für unvergleichlichen Low Whistle Spaß. TWZ Low Whistles bestechen durch ihre leichte Spielbarkeit über den gesamten Tonumfang. Auch in der zweiten Oktave sind diese Whistles sehr einfach zu spielen und zu kontrollieren Whistles and Accessories . Whistles come in a variety of different keys. If you are new to playing whistle, see our Beginner's Page for our recommendations for good whistles for beginners and an explanation of which key may best suit your needs.. If you're planning to pick up a whistle as your first musical instrument, you might want to take a look at ou

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if wood is used for the pple, the whistle could be clogged by moisture. There's a way to prevent this problem, though. If you're dissatis ed with cheap whistles, try to make a Low-Tech whistle. I'm con dent to say that you'll get a very nice instrument. Furthermore, the design is very forgiving: it's almost impossible to fail Low D Whistle - Non-Tunable Aluminum Musical Low Whistle for beginners, intermediate, and Professional players/musicians (Anodized Black) 4.8 out of 5 stars 26 $189.9 Condition: As New Light in the hands, nice mellow tone while still being responsive and with a solid low F. Tone is almost flute like - a bit of chiff but air requirements are quite reasonable Home > Whistles > Whistles By Key > Low F# Products ( Total Items: 1 ) Sort by: Use Default Sorting Order By Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Name Newest Avg Revie

Die Whistles sind aus laminiertem Kunststoff in Holzoptik gefertigt. Die Whistles sind nicht stimmbar. Der Sound ist sehr hübsch und lowig. Da die Lochabstände bei den ET Low Whistles etwas enger sind, sind diese Whistles auch eventuell für kleinere Hände geeignet I've absolutely caught the whistle bug and have been expanding my collection since. At the moment, I've got a Clarke High C and High D, a Generation Bb, a Dixon A and Low D and now the Chieftain Low F. At £120, this is easily the most expensive of the whistles I've purchased (with the Dixon Low D next at about £50) Whistle Chieftain Thunderbird Alto tuneable whistle, Tuning: F, Alloyed flageolet in two parts, Great sound and great playability, Designed by Phil Hardy, Made in England Served with love! Even if chocolate chip is on your mind, our cookies make an important contribution to a great shopping experience Low/Tenor Alloy E £61.95 Low/Tenor Alloy Eb £61.95 Alto Alloy F £56.9

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